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          China, Arab states seek to boost e-commerce trade under 'online Silk Road'
          Though the energy sector has been underpinning China-Arab trade ties, cross-border e-commerce has increasingly been turned to as a vital thoroughfare linking Arab states and their largest trading partner, according to participants in a major interregional expo, a trailblazer in building the "online Silk Road."
          China, Arabs eye closer green energy ties on solar panels, hydrogen
          China and Arab states, both tasked with a mission to ensure energy security while pushing for a transition toward renewables, have set their eyes on closer energy ties, notably in green sources such as solar panels, hydrogen and nuclear power, energy authorities and industry insiders said Friday at a major expo in Yinchuan.
          China-Arab expo sees deals for 277 projects
          Nearly 4-bln-yuan deals inked at China-Arab States Expo to enhance Belt and Road cooperation
          Pakistan can benefit from agricultural research in Ningxia: MNFSR economist
          Ningxia to boost energy opening-up and cooperation
          5th China-Arab States Expo promotes modern agricultural cooperation
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