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          U.S. to ensure Americans, partners can leave Afghanistan beyond Aug. 31: Blinken2021-08-26
          U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Wednesday that the United States would work to ensure Americans and Afghan partners could leave Afghanistan beyond Aug. 31, the planned deadline for the ongoing evacuation led by the U.S. military.
          U.S. Fed chair unlikely to announce start of tapering asset purchases this week: media2021-08-26
          It's pretty unlikely U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell will announce in his speech Friday that the central bank is officially ready to start tapering its asset purchase program, local media reported on Wednesday.
          US slammed for frustrating the response to coronavirus2021-08-26
          Officials and scholars have lashed out at the expected release of a 90-day review by the United States intelligence community on COVID-19 origins, saying that it will sabotage a global joint response toward the virus and betray science.
          Biden's approval rating down to lowest point amid COVID-19 resurgence, failure in Afghanistan: poll2021-08-25
          U.S. President Joe Biden's approval rating has fallen to the lowest point in his seven-month presidency, amid the rise in U.S. COVID-19 cases and the chaotic military withdrawal from Afghanistan, according to a new poll by U.S. broadcaster NBC.
          Shame and disgrace of untrustworthy U.S. intelligence arms2021-08-25
          "I was the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) director. We lied, we cheated, we stole," then U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said when addressing Texas A&M University in April 2019. "We had entire training courses. It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment."
          FDA grants full approval to Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine2021-08-24
          The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Monday granted full approval to the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for people age 16 and older.
          Biden urges unvaccinated Americans to receive shots amid rapid spread of Delta variant2021-08-24
          U.S. President Joe Biden on Monday urged unvaccinated individuals to receive their shots amid the rapid spread of highly contagious COVID-19 Delta variant.
          U.S. COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, deaths continue to climb2021-08-24
          U.S. COVID-19 new cases, hospitalizations, deaths continue to climb due to the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant, showed data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
          Academic info shows Ralph Baric could be first person that synthesizes coronavirus2021-08-20
          Results of scientific research and the related patent registration information have shown that Ralph Baric could be called the first person who synthesized a coronavirus.
          Suspect in U.S. Capitol bomb threat surrenders, taken into police custody2021-08-20
          The suspect who drove near the U.S. Capitol building Thursday threatening that the bomb in his vehicle would detonate ultimately surrendered and was taken into custody, U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) said, ending an hours-long standoff starting in the morning during which multiple nearby buildings were evacuated.
          US divisions prove fatal in pandemic2021-08-20
          The United States' polarized politics has accelerated the spread of misinformation about COVID-19 and undermined the country's fight against the pandemic, researchers said.
          Biden's approval rating tumbles below 50 pct for 1st time during presidency2021-08-19
          U.S. President Joe Biden's average approval rating tumbled below 50 percent for the first time since he took office, multiple polls have shown.
          Biden says deteriorating situation in Afghanistan "did unfold more quickly" than U.S. anticipates2021-08-17
          U.S. President Joe Biden on Monday stood by his decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan while acknowledging Kabul's collapse to the Taliban came much sooner than Washington had anticipated.
          Haiti quake death toll hits 1,4192021-08-17
          The death toll from the powerful earthquake that struck southwestern Haiti on Saturday climbed to 1,419, authorities announced on Monday.
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