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          Booster shots to be on health agenda after herd immunity2021-08-26
          COVID-19 booster shots can be rolled out to high-risk groups in China after enough people are vaccinated to establish herd immunity, domestic vaccine developers said amid mounting evidence that an additional dose can prompt a spike in immune responses.
          Tech aids in prevention of urban risks2021-08-25
          Advanced technologies can protect urban areas that are more likely to see concentrated risks from disasters as China strives to build resilient cities during its 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25), experts said.
          Media reports on closure of joint learning institutions 'misled public'2021-08-25
          The Ministry of Education said that news reports that it ordered the closure of 286 Chinese-foreign joint learning institutions and programs were based on old information.
          Universal Beijing Resort to conduct trial run2021-08-25
          The Universal Beijing Resort (UBR) announced Tuesday that it would officially start a trial opening for invite-only guests on Sept. 1 with comprehensive COVID-19 prevention and control measures.
          Profile: Twenty years a Great Wall guardian2021-08-25
          As night fell in the Helan Mountain, Li Shixiang lit a mosquito-repellent coil, opened a book on the Great Wall and made notes using the headlights of his car alongside a section of the ancient wall he was reading about.
          China's inactivated vaccines effective against Delta variant: study2021-08-23
          Inactivated COVID-19 vaccines developed by China curbed the spread of the Delta variant during a May outbreak in Guangzhou city in south China, a study has shown.
          Heavy rain forecast for rest of week2021-08-24
          Rain is expected to continue across China this week, with some provinces suspending production, closing roads, issuing alerts and evacuating residents to prevent flooding disasters.
          Third-child policy introduced2021-08-21
          A law amendment that allows couples in China to have three children was passed by the top legislature on Friday and takes effect immediately.
          Light cosmetic procedures a cut above for young people2021-08-20
          Right after her college entrance exam, 18-year-old Deng Lin (pseudonym) underwent a "double eyelid" surgery, which creates an eyelid crease that makes them appear larger.
          Nanjing returning to normal after monthlong virus battle2021-08-20
          Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province, downgraded all areas of the city to low risk on Thursday and will gradually resume operation of public transportation after one month of its hard battle against the COVID-19 Delta variant.
          Shanghai Financial Court, country's first, gains increasing global acceptance2021-08-20
          The Shanghai Financial Court, which was established in 2018, says more foreign enterprises are using it to handle commercial disputes.
          1310137786_13184198521n.jpg China holds celebration of 70th anniversary of Tibet's peaceful liberation2021-08-20
          Pigeons fly over the sky during a grand gathering Pupils attend a grand gathering to celebrate the 7
          China right to stick to anti-pandemic strategy amid Delta variant surge: media2021-08-19
          China's zero-COVID strategy continues to make sense as the rapidly-spreading Delta variant has caused increasing infections and deaths around the world, said a report by the South China Morning Post on Wednesday.
          Flexible work protections stepped up2021-08-19
          The labor rights of flexibly employed workers, including drivers working for delivery, ride-hailing and freight services, are now better protected thanks to central government efforts.
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