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          Listed Chinese companies' first-half earnings have increased healthily, with some even looking robust, which should encourage global investors to discern a silver lining on the dark cloud of rising uncertainties, experts said on Monday.
          China Telecom's IPO may set a trend2021-08-10
          The A-share market will embrace more telecommunications companies now that China Telecom's A-share IPO process kicked off on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on Monday, market oracles said.
          China sees surging "panda bond" issuance in H12021-08-09
          China's "panda bond" issuance surged in the first half of the year, though its financing environment tightened compared to the same period last year, according to an industry report.
          China greenlights establishment of new foreign-owned fund management firm2021-08-08
          China's top securities watchdog has approved the establishment of a fund management firm wholly owned by overseas investors amid the country's financial opening-up efforts.
          Listed companies on China's NASDAQ-style ChiNext top 1,0002021-08-06
          The number of listed companies on the ChiNext stock market, China's Nasdaq-style board for growth enterprises, had exceeded 1,000 as of Wednesday.
          Investors 'will back' Chinese stocks abroad2021-08-04
          Foreign investors remain upbeat about the long-term performance of overseas-listed Chinese companies with strong fundamentals, though regulatory uncertainties may continue to cloud the sector in the near future, market masterminds said on Tuesday.
          Sell-off is knee-jerk, long-term view bullish2021-07-30
          This week's sell-off in Chinese stocks reflects investors' knee-jerk reaction to perceptions of rising uncertainties, which were sparked by China's sweeping regulatory moves targeting the country's technology giants and private companies in the education sector, fund managers and market observers said on Thursday.
          Sources say upright firms can list abroad2021-07-29
          China remains supportive of domestic companies desiring to list overseas and will also soon unveil more measures to further open up its capital market to foreign entities, knowledgeable and reliable sources said on Wednesday.
          Guideline, sell-off give edtech jitters2021-07-27
          Chinese private education companies, especially the listed ones, are quickly evolving future moves in response to Saturday's guideline that all institutions offering private tuitions to school students will henceforth be registered as nonprofit organizations, which caused a massive sell-off in related stocks on bourses in China and the United States.
          China greenlights five ChiNext IPOs2021-07-25
          China's securities regulator has approved the initial public offering (IPO) registrations of five companies on the country's NASDAQ-style ChiNext board.
          Special bonds raise pickup hopes2021-07-21
          China's issuances of local government special bonds, key instruments that partially fund investments in infrastructure projects, have decelerated in the first half of the year, creating room for scaling up in coming months, which should help anchor the economy, officials and experts said on Tuesday.
          China's securities market attracts 1.55 mln new investors in June2021-07-19
          China's securities market attracted 1.55 million new investors in June, industry data showed.
          For retail investors, global play is the new normal2021-07-12
          In the wee hours one day recently in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, Li Guang, 33, shut down his PC finally and prepared to go to bed. But his mind continued to churn data on the trade he had just executed. He added shares of Weibo, a Nasdaq-listed Chinese social network company, to his investment portfolio, a task that required Li to stay awake to play the US market operating in a different time zone.
          China's Bond Connect program reports robust operations in June2021-07-12
          China's Bond Connect program saw robust activities in June, with the average daily trading volume hitting historic high, data released by Bond Connect Co., Ltd. showed.
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