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          RMB bonds for $1.24b on auction in HK2021-09-23
          China's Ministry of Finance will issue 8 billion yuan ($1.24 billion) worth of renminbi-denominated sovereign bonds in Hong Kong's offshore market, and the primary auction will start on Thursday morning, the ministry said on Wednesday.
          China to launch southbound channel of Bond Connect program2021-09-16
          China is to widen its Bond Connect program, launching a southbound channel to allow mainland investors to trade bonds in Hong Kong.
          Bond link a win-win for mainland, HK: Officials2021-09-16
          Southbound trading under the Bond Connect program between the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong will be launched on Sept 24, the People's Bank of China and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority said on Wednesday, and immediately drew plaudits from market mavens.
          China pledges reform, opening-up of corporate credit bond market2021-08-19
          Chinese authorities have issued a guideline on promoting the reform and opening-up of the corporate credit bond market as part of efforts to spur the country's economic transformation and support the building of a new development paradigm.
          China sees surging "panda bond" issuance in H12021-08-09
          China's "panda bond" issuance surged in the first half of the year, though its financing environment tightened compared to the same period last year, according to an industry report.
          Recovery in special bond issuance to support China's infrastructure FAI: Fitch2021-08-06
          China's issuance of special bonds is expected to accelerate in the third quarter, which will shore up the low, single-digit growth of the country's infrastructure fixed-asset investment (FAI) this year, according to a report from Fitch Ratings.
          Special bonds raise pickup hopes2021-07-21
          China's issuances of local government special bonds, key instruments that partially fund investments in infrastructure projects, have decelerated in the first half of the year, creating room for scaling up in coming months, which should help anchor the economy, officials and experts said on Tuesday.
          China's bond market issuances hit 4.4 tln yuan in May2021-06-28
          Bond issuances in China totaled 4.4 trillion yuan (about 679.6 billion U.S. dollars) in May, data from the central bank shows.
          Local govt bond issues to rise this year2021-05-06
          Local government bond issuances are expected to hit a record this year as the government continues steps to stabilize infrastructure construction and spur economic growth, despite economic activity almost rebounding to the levels before the COVID-19 pandemic, experts said.
          Foreign investment in Chinese bonds rising2021-04-24
          Foreign investors will continue to scale up their exposure to domestic bonds, thanks to China's robust economic fundamentals and prospects for healthy return, officials and experts said on Friday.
          China's central bank optimizes bond transaction, circulation mechanism2021-04-06
          China's central bank has further optimized its bond transaction and circulation mechanism, aiming for higher efficiency while enhancing the ability of the bond market to serve the real economy, according to an announcement of the People's Bank of China.
          Bonds in FTSE index may bring in billions2021-03-31
          Inclusion of Chinese sovereign bonds in the flagship bond index of FTSE Russell later this year will pave the way for billions of dollars of inflows into the world's second-largest economy, experts said.
          FTSE move rejuvenates interest in govt bonds2021-03-25
          Inclusion of Chinese government bonds in global index provider FTSE Russell's FTSE World Government Bond Index later this month is expected to boost demand for bonds from the country, experts said.
          CDB looks to raise $3b from green bond sale2021-03-13
          The China Development Bank's plan to sell 20 billion yuan ($3 billion) of carbon-neutrality green bonds from next week reiterates the policy bank's efforts to help the country achieve its carbon neutrality goals, experts said.
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