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          As night fell in the Helan Mountain, Li Shixiang lit a mosquito-repellent coil, opened a book on the Great Wall and made notes using the headlights of his car alongside a section of the ancient wall he was reading about.
          Young Turks go online to watch Chinese films, dramas2021-08-17
          With the steady improvement of bilateral ties, there has been an expanding audience for Chinese films and dramas in Turkey.
          Online book sales still growing, but pace is waning2021-08-17
          Online book sales continued to grow in China last year, reaching nearly 80 percent of total book sales, according to a recent report.
          Learning Chinese, a challenging and rewarding experience2021-08-16
          Learning Chinese is a rewarding experience as it gives you the opportunity to communicate with more than a billion people.
          Over half of respondents value salary, industry prospects in choosing first job: survey2021-08-16
          Good salary and promising industry prospects are valued when choosing the first job, over half of respondents said in a recent survey.
          Tutors in demand, but others are on the razor's edge2021-08-16
          Tracey, one of my best friends, figures among the over 20 million people employed by China's education sector who suddenly feel they are on the razor's edge.
          China steps up protection of intangible cultural heritage2021-08-13
          China has rolled out new measures to strengthen the protection of the country's intangible cultural heritage (ICH).
          Students at aviation school learn from French experts2021-08-12
          Zhong Zhendong, a senior student at the Sino-European Institute of Aviation Engineering, will soon start his internship at an aircraft maintenance firm in Chongqing. Before he left his school in Tianjin, he and his peers were given an internship orientation by Bruno Haller, the institute's co-director.
          World's earliest coin workshop found in central China's Henan2021-08-10
          The world's oldest coin minting workshop dating back about 2,500 years ago has been uncovered in central China's Henan Province.
          Forerunner to golf born in ancient China2021-08-09
          Visitors to the Jiangxi Provincial Museum in east China's Jiangxi Province may be surprised to learn that the game of golf has a Chinese forerunner dating back about 900 years.
          Couple in NW China turn straws into splendid art2021-08-08
          After wheat is harvested, farmers normally use the discarded wheat straws for feeding their cattle or composting. But, contrary to the usual practice, a couple in Liupan Mountain, northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, are creating artworks out of this waste product.
          Pakistani brothers weave business success in China2021-08-08
          Recalling their first experience in China more than 10 years ago, Pakistani brothers Mian Muhammad Zubair and Habib Ur Rehman said they only knew one thing -- future.
          Plush toys sew new urbanites' prosperous life2021-08-08
          Li Yinzhi, 38, glows with happiness as she stitches layers for plush toys in a workshop in Ankang, a city in northwest China's Shaanxi Province.
          Hope pinned on epic war film lifting China's summer box office2021-08-05
          Much hope has been pinned on "The Battle at Lake Changjin," the war epic jointly directed by Chen Kaige, Hark Tsui and Dante Lam -- all big names in the Chinese film industry -- of lifting China's slowly growing summer box office.
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