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          Energy & Resources
          Mega green projects give China lead in clean power generation2021-09-23
          China's power generation reported double-digit growth in the first seven months, making the nation the world's largest in clean power generation.
          China's natural gas output up 11.3 pct in August2021-09-20
          China reported an increase in its natural gas output in August, official data shows.
          China to raise retail fuel prices2021-09-19
          China will raise the retail prices of gasoline and diesel from Sunday, the country's top economic planner said Saturday.
          Longer coal contracts may rein in prices2021-09-18
          In China's coal sector that has been marred recently by price surges, regional authorities and related enterprises should ensure the fuel consumed by power generators and heat supplying companies is sourced under medium- and long-term contracts, a recent guideline released by the National Development and Reform Commission, the country's top economic regulator, stated.
          1310173699_16310154267941n.jpg Green power trading off to an electric start2021-09-09
          Green power trading off to an electric start
          Pilot direct trading of green power launched2021-09-08
          In a move to further boost renewable energy development, China launched on Tuesday pilot direct trading of green power between corporate consumers and renewable energy generators, according to the National Development and Reform Commission.
          Smart coal mines dot China's energy industry2021-09-07
          With just one click on the computer, underground coal shearers, conveyors, and equipment alike are immediately plugged in, and their real-time images and data flicker across the screen, pumping the hidden "black gold" up to the planet's surface.
          Continental shale oil demonstration zone unveiled in China2021-08-29
          A national-level demonstration zone of continental shale oil was unveiled Saturday in Daqing, northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, which aims to produce over 1 million tonnes of oil annually by 2025.
          Major shale oilfield discovered in Daqing2021-08-26
          The discovery of a major shale oilfield in Daqing, Heilongjiang province, with predicted geological reserves of about 1.268 billion metric tons will further boost output in the country's biggest oilfield while ensuring national energy security, said experts.
          China discovers major shale oil field2021-08-25
          China's Daqing Oilfield, a subordinate of the China National Petroleum Corporation, announced Wednesday the discovery of a major shale oil field with predicted geological reserves of about 1.27 billion tonnes.
          Sinopec finds much gas in Zhongjiang2021-08-17
          China Petrochemical Corp, or Sinopec Group, said on Monday it has discovered abundant natural gas in its Zhongjiang gas field in Sichuan province.
          Russia pipeline supplies 10 bln cubic meters of natural gas to China2021-08-11
          China has imported over 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas via the China-Russia east-route natural gas pipeline since its operation in 2019, customs authorities said Tuesday.
          Nation seen adopting orderly net zero steps2021-08-03
          China is expected to take a nationally coordinated and orderly approach to achieve its carbon peaking and neutrality goals, and resist taking short-term and hasty measures to cut carbon emissions, analysts and business leaders said on Monday.
          1310082945_16271175559731n.jpg Clean energy galore powers China's quest for green future2021-07-25
          Clean energy galore powers China's quest for green future
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