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          China unveils plan to boost employment2021-08-28
          China's State Council has released a plan to boost employment during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025).
          China to increase fiscal support for Yangtze River Economic Belt development2021-08-26
          China will increase fiscal and tax support to promote high-quality development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, a State Council executive meeting said on Wednesday.
          China announces massive greening plan to achieve carbon goals2021-08-25
          China plans to plant 500 million mu (about 33.33 million hectares) of forests and grasslands in the next five years -- 100 million mu per year -- to help achieve its carbon emission reduction goals, according to the country's forestry authorities.
          China unveils regulation on market entity registration, administration2021-08-25
          Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has signed a State Council decree unveiling a regulation on the registration and administration of market entities.
          Experts: Fiscal actions steady expectations2021-08-24
          China's fiscal actions this year aim to stabilize the expectations of market players and residents by maintaining policy continuity, stability and sustainability and making them more forward-looking, policy advisors said on Monday.
          Regulator asks SOEs to enhance industry chains2021-08-20
          China's State asset regulator has urged centrally administered State-owned enterprises to actively integrate into the nation's basic research activities and applied innovation systems, in order to create a source for original technologies and reinforce their positions in industry chains.
          Tax reforms key to common prosperity2021-08-20
          Expected acceleration of reform of China's tax system this year could help drive policymakers' initiatives for ushering in common prosperity, a national goal, officials and experts said on Thursday.
          Specialist urges Big Tech regulatory framework2021-08-19
          China needs to roll out a long-term policy framework for regulating big technology enterprises-"Big Tech", including those that are internet-based-so as to prevent spillover effects of any possible irregular activities on the financial services sector; the country should also tighten supervision of cross-border data flows.
          611c5de9a310efa1e3b68f7d.jpg Solid steps set to bolster investment2021-08-18
          NDRC assures implementation of key projects, especially in manufacturing
          China eases restrictions on non-financial corporate debt instruments2021-08-16
          The People's Bank of China has decided to test removing the credit rating requirements for the issuance of non-financial corporate debt instruments.
          China greenlights establishment of new foreign-owned fund management firm2021-08-08
          China's top securities watchdog has approved the establishment of a fund management firm wholly owned by overseas investors amid the country's financial opening-up efforts.
          China intensifies efforts to ease fluctuations in hog market2021-08-06
          Chinese authorities on Friday released guidelines on advancing sustainable and healthy development in the hog industry, detailing tasks to avoid drastic fluctuations in the market and ensure stable supplies.
          Experts stress H2 policy fine-tuning2021-08-03
          Self-determined monetary measures and more proactive steps on the fiscal front can help further fine-tune China's economic policy in the second half of the year, experts said on Monday.
          China's top court specifies rules for facial recognition2021-07-29
          China's Supreme People's Court on Wednesday specified a set of regulations for the use of facial recognition.
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